vendredi 11 avril 2014


"Happy" is a song performed on November 21, 2013 by American singer Pharrell Williams, Grammy winner and president of the 2nd International Day of Happiness,. This song is now a phenomenon which is copy by hundreds of towns all around the world to celebrate happiness.

The HAPPY LAUGHTER PROJECT consists to ask all the Laughter Lovers of the world, who will celebrate the World Laughter Day next May 4, 2014, to film there friends laughing and dancing on the music of Happy. Be creative and use the best quality of video as possible!

After that, they will have to use ( ) to send the video files in France where a young and dynamic movie director will collect them all to create THE HAPPY LAUGHTER VIDEO presenting Laughter Lovers, laughing together all around the world, on World Laughter Day.

Any question? Ask Corinne Cosseron by "Contact" on or on facebook.

Here is the result of this project :

The HAPPY from the Laughter Clubs from all around the world !

  • Happy on youtube :

  • The 24h Happy on Pharell Williams website. Anybody can upload their video version of the song to the site :

  • Different versions of Happy :

  • 16th World Laughter Day in France : 
  • Laughter Yoga University

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